Volkswagen Emissions Claims

In September 2015 it became apparent that Volkswagen Group had installed what has now become known as “defat” device. Volkswagen Group had installed this device or software across some their range of Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and Seat vehicles. The purpose of installing this software was to mask the extent of the emissions coming from those cars. This masking software was installed in order to portray Volkswagen Group vehicles as being cleaner than they in fact are. Volkswagen Group have admitted that in standardisation tests the software was used specifically to mask the extent of pollutants emitted from those vehicles affected. It is estimated that approximately 11 million vehicles worldwide including 8 million in Europe have this software installed. Volkswagen Group have conceded but are now trying to retract suggestions that the levels of carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide are affected. In Europe motorists have only been told information sporadically from Volkswagen Group. In Ireland since the scandal broke those affected vehicle owners have received only two official letters from Volkswagen Group and there has been no further update.

In the United States many motorists began to lodge claim through firms seeking compensation against Volkswagen Group. The United States was the lead country in the emissions claim drive. Volkswagen Group refused to voluntarily partake in any form of negotiations with the lawyers representing effected motorists. This in turn led the motorists and their lawyers to bring applications before the Court.

In April 2016 in California Volkswagen Group were advised to find a solution to the problem by Order of the Court.  This in turn has led to a redress scheme being introduced by Volkswagen Group whereby they have agreed to pay compensation and/or effectively buy-back vehicles from motorists.

Volkswagen Group have been far less proactive in Europe and in other Countries around the world.  While acknowledging that the software has been installed Volkswagen Group have denied that any losses have occurred and to do accept at all that motorist have been adversely affected.

O’Dwyer Solicitors since November 2015 have represented vehicles owners with affected vehicles.  Volkswagen Group have not accepted any wrongdoing in the claims that have been brought so far.  They steadfastly believe that no loss has occurred. They have aggressively defended any claims brought and in certain instances have threatened to seek Orders for costs against motorists who wish to be vindicated.

In the face of this O’Dwyer Solicitors, an independent Solicitors firm without any vested interest have continued to act for a growing number of disgruntled motorists.

O’Dwyer Solicitors have represented the case of the first motorist outside of the United States to obtain an Order against Volkswagen Group for Discovery.  This Order is being complied with.

On a daily basis new motorists are coming forward seeking representation as the levels of frustration grow.  It is the role of this firm to ensure that those voices are heard and that everything possible can be done to ensure that redress is obtained for them.

We actively represent the interest of a growing number of vehicles owners.

If you wish to obtain further details or to seek formal legal representation, please feel free to contact us by completing the form below.

In addition to the foregoing we would ask need the following:

  • Copy photographic identification i.e. driving licence, passport.
  • Copy of utility bill confirming the owners address.
  • Copy of the letter issued by Volkswagen to the registered owner.

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