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European Commission Commercial Insurance Investigation – Update Jul 27

The European Commission is currently investigating allegations of price fixing and market manipulation of Irish commercial insurance policies.  Many people in business have complained that their insurance policy premiums have increased without explanation.  There are further complaints that renewal notices only arrive ...

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Knowledge Nomads Jul 24

We are delighted to be joining the Knowledge Nomads for their inaugural Summer Legal Conference in Berlin commencing on Sunday 23 July 2017.

Over the course of five days, a wide variety of novel and cutting edge topics will be discussed such as:

· ...

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Irish Motor Insurers Subject to Anti-Competitive Investigation Jul 5

Over the last 48 hours news has broken that the European Commission Competition Directorate (DG 1V) has targeted insurance companies providing motor insurance in Ireland.

The raids conducted by the Commission are part of a wider investigation into allegations of price fixing between ...

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