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Road Transport Law

Road Transport law is a very unique and particular type of practice area. While many solicitors practice in road traffic law, which affects individuals road transport law affects operators from single users to large corporations. At O’Dwyer Solicitors we represent an entire cross-section of the transport industry. Our solicitors have a working knowledge of road transport law and hold licences and driver cards for the use of heavy goods vehicles. This places O’Dwyer Solicitors in an almost unique position of any firm of Solicitors in the country in that we provide interpretation of the law in a practical sense rather from a book. This niche practice which has been developed over a period of time by the firm is one which is now being recognised nationwide with many of our clients coming from outside of the west of Ireland who are prepared to travel in order to avail of our services.

All business people involved in transportation of goods or freight know all too well how Road Transport law impacts on their daily business.  Like Road Traffic law it is a very regulated and high complex area. It is very actively enforced by the Road Safety Authority and An Garda Siochana and the penalties for breach are very serious, with fines in the thousands of euro and potential loss of livelihood with removal of licences.

There are only a select few solicitors firms in the country that have a working and practical knowledge of the heavily regulated area of Road Transport law.

At O’Dwyer solicitors we have a designated and specialised unit dealing with all aspects of Road Transport.

This does not end with licences and enforcement of the law but extends to commercial contracts with third parties, lease agreement, warranty issues, truck and trailer defect problems, insurance claims, employment advice and all other matters that face transport companies in their business.

Among our existing clientele we have a large number of successful transport companies who we advise on current and newly-introduced domestic and European Union rules. Our clients are licenced operators of both Hauliage and Bus and Coach companies.

Aside from Court representation when prosecutions are initiated, we also provide ongoing consultation service to deal with day-to-day issues that arise in regulation and enforcement. This has led us to regularly deal with the Road Safety Authority, The National Transport Authority and also local authorities and state bodies.   In recent times we have successfully represented transport companies in Court proceedings to assert their contractual rights and obligations.

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