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Our firm, like many other businesses in the West of Ireland is home grown

We have been here in Ballyhaunis for almost 100 years.   We like our service providers to be local so as to ensure that we can trust them, rely upon them and that they are easy accessible.  This is the philosophy that we try to use with our own corporate clients.

While many corporate businesses in the West of Ireland gravitate towards larger city firms, it regularly happens that such firms do not provide a one-to-one personal service.  We strive to provide that personal service in an accessible, efficient and cost effective way.  In doing so we ask of ourselves what we ask of others so as to ensure that the client comes first.  Once you have a relationship with a solicitor in our firm then that will be your solicitor.  This allows an invaluable solicitor/client rapport to develop, which we have found, with many of our existing clients, has endured.