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Round 7: GAA and the Law – Team Sponsorship Apr 2

It is almost 20 years ago since teams openly began to display sponsors. Whoever had heard of Kerstan Hunik before they appeared on the Down County Jersey?

The introduction of team sponsorship ushered in a whole new era, which to many younger GAA ...

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Round 6: GAA and the Law – Fundraising Mar 13

As an amateur organisation the GAA and its structure of Clubs, County Boards and Provincial Councils all depend upon the generosity of supports and benefactors.

While corporate sponsorship can assist in the running of the higher levels of the organisation, the grass roots ...

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Round 5: GAA and the Law – Social Media Mar 6

Once you press send, you become a publisher with the entire world exposed to your writings.

Sometimes this simple fact is lost on many people involving Social Media.

When somebody speaks something they can do so to themselves, to the person they are speaking ...

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Round 3: GAA and the Law – Player Endorsements Feb 27

There is no simple way to describe how you approach the question of player endorsements in an amateur code.  We all know in professional sport that livelihoods are made from endorsements.

There is the marriage and Beckham and Adidas, McElroy and Nike and ...

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GAA and the Law – The Relationship Between the Field and the Courtroom Feb 6

Welcome to our second weekly look at GAA and the Law.

Each week we provide a briefing on one specific area of law to try and explain and inform what players, club officials and supporters need to know in GAAland.  Last week we ...

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