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Garda Error on Traffic Convictions Mar 23

On Thursday 23 March 2017 An Garda Síochána conceded that as a result of Garda error 14,500 people were wrongly convicted of road traffic offences.

Certain types of road traffic offences such as speeding, driving with no seatbelt, dangerous parking and as many ...

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How Lethal is your Mobile Phone? Feb 7

Almost everybody now has a smart phone.  The phone and its features have become an integral part of almost everybody’s life.  Your calendar, your music, your emails, your contact lists and of course your phone are all incorporated in one single device.  ...

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Speed Cameras and Driver Penalty Points Feb 18

The way that speeding drivers are detected is now changing. Traditionally, speeding drivers were detected by Gardaí using hand-held devices. This involved the Garda detecting a driver, stopping them, taking their details at the roadside and issuing a notice. ...

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Drink Driving – Loophole Exposed Sep 23

On Monday 21 September 2015 the High Court confirmed the existence of the latest loophole in the prosecution of drink driving cases.

When a motorist is arrested for drunk driving they are taken into the custody of the Gardaí. The Gardaí then ...

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Potential Change to Tachograph Enforcement Jun 5

The High Court is being asked to examine the law relating to uninterrupted breaks of at least forty five minutes after four and half hours driving. This has arisen because of the evolution of the transport industry in Ireland.

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