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Road Traffic Law

Road Traffic law affects every motorist, passenger, cyclist and pedestrian in the country. We all come in daily contact with the law but we may not know it. When you fall foul of Road Traffic law you should always seek legal advice. O’Dwyer are nationally recognised for our knowledge and understanding the law and its application and for our ability to assist motorists who are facing Road Traffic prosecutions.

The implications of a criminal prosecution and conviction for a Road Traffic offence can have a huge consequences in everyday life.  Not only can the Courts impose fines but also motorists can be subject to driving bans and, in extreme circumstances, prison sentences.

While all motorists know that you cannot drive with excess alcohol in your system, at a speed beyond the legal limits or in a manner that is careless or dangerous towards other road users, the way the law is structured is confusing and complex.  When a motorist finds themselves in that situation they need advice from solicitors who have a working knowledge of the law and its application.  This may lead to a prosecution being dismissed or, where it is admitted to, a reduction in penalty or a licence saved.

At O’Dwyer we are best known and respected for our work for clients charged with:

Drink and Drug Driving Prosecutions
Speeding Prosecutions
Driving Prosecutions
Insurance and Documentary Prosecutions
Representing Clients in Open Garda Investigations
Road Traffic Accidents