Donal Byrne of Big Red Barn

Of course the best way to rate a service is to hear what current customers have to say – and we’re very proud of our book of satisfied clients. A client we have grown with over the years is entrepreneur Donal Byrne – whose company Big Red Barn has grown from strength to strength. We’ve walked with Donal every step of the way and it’s interesting to hear how we’ve made a difference to his journey.

As a portable, flexible, modular venue, Big Red Barn offers a unique events solution  – perfect for everything from weddings to corporate functions.  From small beginnings, the business quickly went on to win multiple awards for start-up businesses and entrepreneurial excellence. Donal Byrne has this to say about our association with his company:

“When I started Big Red Barn, O’Dwyer’s was a natural choice. The firm had been our family’s solicitors for many generations – and Evan O’Dwyer had given me excellent service in my previous business which was organising a music festival. He assisted with the obtaining of licences, patents and trademarks  – and there was never a problem.  Now, with Big Red Barn, Evan helps with court applications for bar licences, and we have a 100% success rate. I have seen many people endlessly trying and failing in this area: but Evan’s professional preparation and presentation at court is just at a whole different level. I get my licences granted first time.”

At O’Dwyer’s we assist Big Red Barn with many aspects of the business – from handling of non-payers to contractual matters, but we also try and add value in any area we can.

“Evan is always there to talk to and give informal advice and information around all kinds of day to day activities. It’s like having my own coach, or mentor. I’ve had many buy-out offers and Evan is always there as my sounding board and guide. You can’t buy that kind of support”, says Donal.

“The firm is professional, accessible and will always go the extra mile for us. We wouldn’t be where we are today without them. I 100% recommend O’Dwyer LLP to anyone.” Donal Byrne, Big Red Barn