Legal-ease: Our new User Friendly Website

18th September 2018

With a heritage stretching back over 100 years, innovation and progressive thinking have always been signatures of O’Dwyer Solicitors. This spirit of progressive thinking is also behind our newly-designed website  – an easy-to-use, value-added way to access the information you need. reports that, in 2018, 52.2 % of all website traffic worldwide was generated through mobile phones – a 50.3% increase on the previous year. With this in mind, we have redesigned and optimised our site for mobile use – making it easy to access and use when you’re on the go. For your convenience, we have divided our new site into two clear parts – focusing on the needs of the business, and of the individual. We’ve made it clear, concise and comprehensive – so finding out exactly how we can help you, in what areas, couldn’t be easier.

Dynamic, New Services

Something that sets us apart is our range of new, niched services – to make sure we keep up with the changing legal landscape. Representation of individuals affected by the Tracker Mortgage scandal is one of these new and growing areas. We want to use our website and newsletter to bring you information on topical and relevant issues like this – so be sure to stay connected to keep up with new conversations.

Quality Consistency

Despite our growth into new areas – our commitment to traditional quality excellence is never compromised. For the 5th year running, we have received the Q6000 award, in recognition of exceptional levels of client, practice and risk management. We thank all who have made this achievement possible.

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