O’Dwyer Launches Road Transport Division

16th February 2015

Coinciding with the unveiling our new name, we have now launched a specific Road Transport Department.

Over many years, we have developed a strong reputation for our depth of knowledge of the law and practice on road freight and transport. We have learned from our corporate transport clients as to what they need by way of tailored knowledgeable and accessible legal services. To respond to this need we have now developed a designated team to focus on Road Transport issues for current and new clients alike.

We believe that this is the first purpose-designed road transport team in the country. We would not have been able to contemplate this move but for the assistance of our loyal and long-standing transport client base.

Many of the regulations that govern the operation of Public Service Vehicles and Heavy Goods Vehicles come from our membership of the European Union. Some of our staff team members have worked in the European Commission in Brussels in the past, which is an added advantage. Taking this experience to our clients, we have been able to manage our transport clients’ affairs with a hands-on approach.

As a practice with clients nationwide and operating throughout the European Union, we assist all commercial vehicle owners and operators from the single operator to international companies.

We have a working knowledge of commercial contracts, both domestic and international, for the supply and sourcing of product. We have experience in disputes arising in the free movement of goods throughout the European Union. We have a working knowledge of the regulatory framework including tachographs operated by the Road Safety Authority and its limitations. We have represented drivers detained in foreign countries on allegation of criminality, which were subsequently disproved.

We have a nationwide and well-known practice in defending drivers and operators in driving offences in the courts. We have acted for many coach operators in challenging unlawful practices carried out by competitors and authorities.

To keep our clients and everyone else updated we have launched a designated Twitter account, which is updated daily. We have had a large pick up in followers and have had the support of national publications in advocating the work that we do for the commercial transport and carriage sector. See more at: @roadtransportie