Tracker Mortgages

12th March 2018

The clients that we represent in claims against banks who have been adversely affected by the tracker mortgage scandal are at the foremost of the unlawful behaviour of those banks. Our firm represented the very first mortgage holder who was denied a tracker mortgage and who pursued a claim against her bank. This happened in October 2017 and since that we have a very large group of clients who have been wronged by banks. We have found that the issues relating to banks are not only tracker mortgages but also misspelling, over charging and general bank misconduct. We also act for a large number of bank employees who within their own organisations experience difficulties in speaking out about the wrongdoing that they see. We are prepared to represent the interests of those clients who find themselves bullied and harassed by banks to stand up and have their cases counted. The work that we have done here for such people has been widely reported in the national press and beyond.