Water Charges

2nd June 2015

The occupier of a property that gets water and/or waste water from Irish Water is liable to pay domestic water charges under a new system of domestic water charges introduced for homes that are connected to a public water supply or to public waste water services. If you own a property, you are presumed to be the occupier. If your property is rented, the tenant is the occupier and is responsible for paying the water charges.

If your water comes from a private well or a group water scheme and you have a private waste water treatment system, such as a septic tank, you will not be regarded as a customer of Irish Water and you will not have to pay the new domestic water charges.

Every household must register with Irish Water by 30 June 2015 to be eligible for an annual Water Conservation Grant, even if you have your own private water supply and waste water services. The grant will be payable by the Department of Social Protection from September 2015. There is no need to contact the Department of Social Protection, as they will communicate with households that are registered with Irish Water from July 2015 onwards.

Irish Water sent application forms to each household in Ireland. If you do not register with Irish Water, you will be charged a default rate of €260 per year up to the 31 December 2018. If you do not pay your bills late payment charges will accrue on your account.

If you are selling or purchasing a property, you will need to ensure that the property is registered with Irish Water, that the bills issued are accurate and paid up-to-date.

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