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Round 3: GAA and the Law – Player Endorsements Feb 27

There is no simple way to describe how you approach the question of player endorsements in an amateur code.  We all know in professional sport that livelihoods are made from endorsements.

There is the marriage and Beckham and Adidas, McElroy and Nike and ...

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O’Dwyer Launches Road Transport Division Feb 16

Coinciding with the unveiling our new name, we have now launched a specific Road Transport Department.

Over many years, we have developed a strong reputation for our depth of knowledge of the law and practice on road freight and transport. We have learned ...

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GAA and the Law – The Relationship Between the Field and the Courtroom Feb 6

Welcome to our second weekly look at GAA and the Law.

Each week we provide a briefing on one specific area of law to try and explain and inform what players, club officials and supporters need to know in GAAland.  Last week we ...

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